Last April 2018 the test version of Interbit V2 was released and subsequently upgraded over the remaining months of the year. The ambition of venison 2 was to target solutions that required multiple blockchains with an upper end target of 1000-1500 blockchains per solution. 

In addition to the patent filed for Chainjoining , there were five other new technologies that the Comapny filed patents for protection over – the Hypervisor (virtualization blockchain) , Payload layer, Chainception, Side Effects Hyperconvergence, and Chain Suicide. 

There was an Interbit V1 which was built in 2017 for a pilot project undertaken by the Energy Companies British Petroleum, EnI and Wein Energy. This V1 was a very simple version of the Interbit multichain technology and alongside it was developed an App called Connection. Together this early multi chain blockchain platform and app combined to demo a natural gas trading platform pilot that secured a second round of project advance that added seven additional oil producing and trading Companies (see below) into the project which continued into 2018.